Our History

Not all mulches are created equal.

P.R. Russell has been a trusted name in the bark business since 1989 because our premium bark mulches are more consistent, have richer color and better texture. Retailers tell us that our mulches are preferred by discriminating gardeners throughout New England.

We are proud of our reputation for quality products at competitive prices that are delivered on time. In addition to premium bark mulches that are prized by landscapers, we distribute natural composts, playground chips, fuel chips and wood fiber.

Over the years we have grown our distribution system to support our growing business and valued customers.

In 2008, we opened a second location in Brentwood, New Hampshire to support both manufacturing demands and distribution.

The expanded operation doubles the company’s capacity to supply landscaping mulch to commercial and industrial customers throughout New England. Our association with the Carrier family of companies brings strong trucking and raw material supply capabilities to our operation.

We’ve built state-of-the-art production facilities and an experienced crew around our industry-leading processing techniques. The fibrous texture of our bark mulch, rich in  smell and color, is ideal for gardens, where it provides a more favorable environment for roots, prevents erosion and enhances the contrast of plantings.

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