Artillery Fungus: Using the Right Mulch

What is Artillery Fungus?

Artillery Fungus is a small spore that grows on organic matter such as wood mulches. It is most commonly found in damp areas of your landscape. When these spores collect enough moisture it causes the spore to burst and expel small black dots that adhere to surfaces up to 6 meters high!

Why is Artillery Fungus a Problem?

The small black spots that are now covering the siding of a home or a car cannot be removed easily. Power washing or scrubbing will lighten the spot but will to remove them. Many times siding needs to be replaced and cars need to be repainted.

How to Protect Yourself from Artillery Fungus?

When choosing the type of mulch to put around your home or business there are a two very important questions to ask. Is this Bark Mulch? And how much Bark is in this product?

Many types of mulch are now being made with wood which can be ground up construction debris or wood chips. This is then colored to make it esthetically pleasing. Artillery Fungus is primarily found in wood based products, decaying wood offers the ideal environment for the fungus to grow. Bark mulch not only helps prevent Artillery Fungus but it is a natural product that lends nutrients to your plants. When you use Bark Mulch you can be confident that you’re making be best choice!